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Dental Surgery

Pet tooth fractures and dental disease care.

Pets that fracture their teeth or end up developing dental disease will likely require dental surgery at some point in their life. Dental cleanings are completed with general anesthesia; therefore, we recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing  to ensure the safest anesthetic event possible. Once we safely anesthetize your pet, we perform a thorough oral exam, noting any areas of specific disease or damage. Using our digital dental x-ray we take full-mouth radiographs to evaluate dentition under the gum line. We then use an ultrasonic dental scaling unit, similar to the unit in your dentist’s office, to remove calculus from the teeth and under the gums. We also use hand scalers and other dental instruments to clean your pet’s mouth completely. Then, we polish the teeth and finish with a fluoride treatment. If single or multiple tooth extractions are necessary, we will usually do the extraction procedure during the dental. We maintain appropriate pain management pre-operatively, intra-operatively, and post-operatively, which continues when your pet goes home, usually the same day as the procedure.

Our experienced veterinarians are well versed in a number of dental surgeries and can help your pet remain happy, healthy, and free from dental pain.

Some of the dental surgeries we offer at our hospital include:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Oral biopsies
  • Jaw fracture repairs
  • Maxillofacial trauma repairs
  • Orthodontal and periodontal surgery
  • Guided tissue regeneration

In addition to dental surgery, we also offer thorough oral exams, dental cleanings, digital x-rays, and oral cancer diagnosis and treatment.

To learn more about our surgical offerings or to schedule your pet’s consultation, call us at (802) 893-4000 or request an appointment online.  

Dog tooth extractions